…Is This Thing On?

Um, hi. It’s me. I’ve been gone for wayyyyy too long!

I took a bit of a hiatus not by choice–by everyday life. With caring for a baby, training clients, teaching Pure Barre, trying to keep the house from looking like a war zone, and just working on that thing called life, this wee little blog fell off to the wayside.

Did I think about The Fit Chronicles? Absolutely. Did I have grand plans to write a post? Of course! It just never happened.

We are in an era of so much noise and oversharing. The amount of random, here’s-what-I-ate-today blog posts floating out in the interwebs is obscene, and you know what? I’m gonna be honest here–I’m not into joining that party.

spiralizer, spiralize squash

Don’t jump to call me a hypocrite! This isn’t a what-I-ate-today picture–I got a SPIRALIZER while I was away! More on this later.

I spend a good amount of time on my posts, hoping to provide genuinely helpful health and fitness information and (possibly) inspiration. I want any reader to walk away saying “Hey, that Alison lady taught me something today! She’s so cool, I think I’m going to send her a million dollars.”

Yes, this does translate to fewer posts, but they’ll be of higher quality.

Soo, with my annual renewal notices informing me that my blog is officially three(!) years old, I’m gonna refresh and give this another shot.

I’m back in the game!