I Found a New Endurance Sport! It’s Called “Flying With a Baby”

Ok guys, a lot of you may not agree with me, but believe me–I’ve found a new form of cardio. It works every muscle in your body, especially your mind. It’s a test of endurance AND a test of strength. It can break even the strongest people.

It’s called: flying with a baby.

he looks so innocent...

he looks so innocent…

I went up to visit family in New Jersey last month, and my husband had to stay behind due to work. Going into it I knew that flying alone with a seven month old would be tough, but I figured all the planning in the world could make the process go easier.

I will admit that planning to an obsessive degree did help in terms of traveling easily through the airport, but no amount of planning could prepare me for the utter exhaustion that flying induced.

Airport parking that dumped me far away from our check-in and gate. Folding the stroller whilst holding a wiggling baby for security and gate check. Quickly maneuvering security without clogging up the line and falling prey to looks of disgust. Keeping a very young child entertained on a plane, in a seat the size of a postage stamp, for hours at a time. Woof.

By the end of the flight, both to NJ and home, my muscles were sore and my body had had enough. The home trip even landed me with a sore throat for a few days! But we made it there and back in one piece, and I can finally cross “flying alone with a baby” off my bucket list… (it was never there to begin with)

So if you’re in the market for a new endurance sport, complete with physical and mental challenges at every step, call me–I’ll have you step in the next time I need to fly anywhere!

Have you ever flown solo with a baby? Was it exhausting for you, too?