How #PUMA is Evolving--- For the Better!

How #PUMA is Evolving— For the Better!

Hi guys! So as you can probably guess, I am pretty passionate about my fitness wardrobe. I love keeping up with trends and checking out the newest stuff that’s out there. Over the years of working in the fitness industry, I am blown away by how workout gear has evolved. Things are wayyy more fashionable now compared to only a couple of years ago!

Okay, so one of the brands that I think has gone under a remarkable transformation is PUMA. Remember the PUMA track suits from back in the day?! The company has grown to offer way more than that, and now they’re constantly innovating to bring new standards to the fitness/fashion equation.

PUMA recently sent me some stuff to try out and I will admit I was nervous to even try to wear it on my oddly shaped post-baby body. But alas, it all fit!

puma, training shoe, foreverfaster, #foreverfaster, #puma

In the above photo I’m wearing a PUMA sports bra, tank, and crops. I’m also wearing PUMA’s newest cross-training shoe–which I really like, especially the colors!

puma, training shoe, foreverfaster, #foreverfaster, #puma

The star garment here is the breathable tank. I was hesitant to be donning a mesh-style tank top right after having a baby, but honestly, this tank made me feel like a million bucks. It isn’t too sheer to feel exposed, but it breathes really well, a key component for my wardrobe in sweaty Miami. Puma says it the best:

Features an excellent fit and allows for a full range of motion during activity for confident workouts.

I’ve worn this tank several times teaching Pure Barre, and I get a compliment every time. Best of all, I’m not self-conscious and tugging at the top the whole time I’m teaching. The comment I hear the most?

“That’s PUMA?!

Yup, they’ve revamped their look and it’s working for them.

puma, training shoe, foreverfaster, #foreverfaster, #puma

no dogs were harmed in the making of this photo. in fact, this dog weaseled his way into the shot!

On to the kicks. These are not running shoes–I repeat–these are not running shoes! The Ignite XT is an all-around training shoe, perfect for gym workouts and general activities. Why are they specific for this kind of exercise? They have quality traction, heavier support for quick side to side movements (often done in fitness classes), agility, and energy return (i.e. rebounding).

ATTENTION MIAMI READERS! These shoes are available at the Macy’s Finish Line in the Dadeland Mall! They are a new PUMA women’s shop dedicated solely (pun intended) to footwear.

So bottom line, PUMA offers some pretty cool gear lately. Check them out! Find more details via #PUMA and #ForeverFaster on any social media you fancy 🙂

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.