Life Lately – 6 Months Postpartum

Hey all! Can’t believe we’re halfway through September and I’m days away from having a 6 month old baby…WOW. Time is most certainly flying!

Thought I’d hop in and chat about how life is going lately!


Now that our little guy is a bit older, his sleeping schedule is amazing. He’s been a stellar sleeper since he was like 3 months old, so I truly can’t complain. He is out for the night at 7pm and makes it all the way until about 6am. Now that he’s more active during the day he sleeps SO hard at night! It feels so good to be getting some solid nights of sleep. I will admit that it took me awhile to break myself of the 3am nightly wakeup…

And now for the more important stuff–the workouts! At 6 months postpartum I’m feeling really good fitness-wise. I mix it up with running, SoulCycle, Pure Barre, and my own strength training workouts. So basically, my pre-baby workout routine. My abs feel pretty much back to normal–no diastasis (thank god!) and they are slowly but surely inching their way back to pre-baby strength. Each Pure Barre class feels more manageable than the last, so that’s the definite sign that there’s progress happening.

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Speaking of Pure Barre, I hit up a fellow teacher’s Britney Spears-themed class a few weeks ago. Everyone went wild for her complete “Toxic” ensemble! It’s funny how a little twist like this can make an exercise class feel like a party.

As for running, my pace is far away from pre-baby status. I can partly attribute this to the season (it’s entirely too hot to run outside, so I’m slogging away on the treadmill inside) and my running frequency. If I want to be faster I gotta put in the miles, but for now I’m grabbing workouts when and where I can. Cooler temps will be SO WELCOME down here!

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I’m looking forward to the MCH5K this Saturday! I’m flip-flopping between running with the stroller or leaving him at home and going it alone. Alone would give me much more of a feel for my true pace, but pushing the stroller would be so much fun. Anyone have any insight on which might be better?