The First Run After My C-Section

I DID IT! I finally got my butt out the door and went for my first post-natal run. Before I get into the details, let me back up a bit…

A couple weeks ago, on a Tuesday, I had my 6-week postpartum checkup at the doctor. It was a quick appointment, but the doctor checked me out and confirmed that I was DONE with pregnancy–I was a regular woman again! With that good news came the permission to resume exercise, the real reason I wanted that checkup so badly. 🙂

I bounced out of there ready to start on those workout dreams.

Anyway, this leads us to that Friday morning. My wonderful and supportive husband helped to figure out a schedule for the early hours. He would do the 5:30am feeding, then work out himself, then watch the baby while I went out for a run. Our plan went swimmingly!

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I left the house and powered through a slow and steady 2.5 mile run. I initially intended on only 2 miles, but my route ended up being a little bit longer than I thought.

How did I feel?! I actually felt WAY better than I thought I would. My legs felt pretty heavy at the start of the run, but eased up a bit about 3/4 of a mile in. It is definitely humbling to start a running plan back up at a heavier body weight than you’re used to. However, this feeling was also very motivating!

Any issues from the C-section? NONE. I was fully expecting soreness in the incision area, and maybe some discomfort in my abs. But everything felt okay, just rusty!

my post-workout reward: sweaty cuddles!

my post-workout reward: sweaty cuddles!

I think part of the reason I didn’t feel any C-section related pains is because I spent the entire six weeks trying to keep calm and just recover. I didn’t jump back into exercise or anything, and that gave my body the break it needed to get back to normal. I’ve heard of women going too hard too fast and virtually negating all the recovery they had already done. Ouch!

Since then I’ve been able to run outside or inside on a treadmill about five times. Each time I honestly feel myself getting stronger. After using my Runtastic app for last night’s outside run I noticed that my pace is creeping closer to pre-pregnancy…but I’ve got a ways to go! It’s easy to be impatient but I’m learning that it’s a process–and any workout is better than no workout!

I’ll keep you updated on future runs and how my body seems to respond. Have any of you started running after a body-altering injury or event? How was it?