All Things Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness

Hello there! Today I want to have a heart-to-heart with you all and explain some of the content you’ll be seeing around these parts. Most of you know that yes, I am a pre- and post-natal personal trainer and yes, I just had a baby. It’s safe to say that my whole life right now is baby-focused!

Love that little neck!

Love that little neck!

One thing I have noticed out in the world is that there is a huge interest in pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and fitness.

Everyone is wondering how to stay in shape during pregnancy.

Everyone wants to know how Heidi Klum really did lose that baby weight–and walk in a lingerie runway show only FIVE WEEKS later.

I still don’t understand how she did it… via Appetite for Health

There are a ton of inspiring moms out there (especially on Instagram!) and a ton of lose-weight-fast gimmicks out there, but there isn’t much solid information or discussion around the real post-baby fitness journey.

The recovery, the fatigue, the body image, the erratic schedule, the hormones, no one really mentions those, do they??

I’m here to start that discussion!

Now I know a lot of you probably have no interest in babies or things like that. I understand. I will be working to incorporate these baby topics as well as the standard The Fit Chronicles topics of general health and fitness happenings. Don’t worry, I’m still the same old me!

Please reach out to me with any questions you have or suggestions on content you’d like to see discussed. I love hearing from people about real topics they want to chat about!