Workout Daydreams

Hey there! Yesterday my little man turned five weeks old, which means a huge milestone is coming up–my six week checkup! This is a big deal for me because hopefully, fingers crossed, I get clearance to start working out again.

Okay, most of you probably will roll your eyes at me. Whenever I say how much I’m looking forward to working out after baby, most responses are “Give yourself a break, you just had a BABY!” or “You don’t need to rush losing the baby weight!” or something along those lines.

Those comments kind of make me crazy because it’s not just the fact that I’d like my own body back–I genuinely love (and greatly miss) exercising!

I was just telling my husband how not being able to work out at the intensity you’d like for months at a time–pregnancy and post-delivery–gives me a stir-crazy feeling. I’m suddenly thinking of BURPEES fondly, am I nuts?!

So while in my one-week countdown to hopefully workout freedom, as I drool over the Athleta catalog and pine for the entire collection, here are my workout daydreams as of late:

photo: Huffington Post

photo: Huffington Post

A sweaty, gasping-for-air interval run. I’m even toying around with the idea of training for a half-marathon, but we’ll see–I’ve never been great with committing to training plans!

A challenging hot yoga class that literally wrings my body out. Gone are the stiff aches and pains from pregnancy and caring for a baby! My back will be smiling.

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Pure Barre. All the Pure Barre.

kettlebell photo

A strength-training session using all the equipment I love, like kettlebells, a BOSU ball, free weights, a stopwatch, and my bodyweight.

paddleboarding, stand up paddleboarding, paddle board, paddle boarding, water sports, paddle board miami

Paddleboarding on a flawless Miami day. That one will have to wait until the babe can wear SPF and hang at the beach. 🙂

Have any of you, either pregnancy-related or not, had to sideline your intense workouts for awhile? Did you feel the same stir-crazy feeling or am I just nuts?