It's a BOY!

It’s a BOY!

Disclaimer: I wrote this post right after the baby was born and it took me three weeks to actually publish it–life is a little crazier right now! 🙂

Hi everyone! Well, the big day arrived–our little leprechaun baby was born on March 17!

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Dean Lewis Hay was born via C-section and is healthy, which is all we could ask for! It looks like he has his dad’s long legs and arms and his mom’s delicate facial features. 🙂

I probably had mentioned at some point how I was intending on having a natural, medication-free birth, but baby Dean had other plans. From about 26 weeks on I knew that he was breech and I spent most of my free time doing everything I could to get him to flip to a head-down position. But alas, he remained head up (buried in my ribcage) all the way to the end! This meant that I was a scheduled C-section, no arguing on that one. The cons outweigh the pros (in my opinion) when it comes to attempting a vaginal breech delivery, so I had to embrace it and start prepping for the emotional rollercoaster that was the C-section.

I have to admit that I was truly terrified to go into a surgery in which I would be AWAKE for. Thinking about the spinal block, the incision through both my abs and my uterus, etc. would throw me into an anxious tailspin and keep me up at night.

I will say that I had incredible support from everyone–my husband (most importantly–he was a hero), family, friends, clients, and random strangers, and I got so many kind words from people with advice on how to weather the post-birth recovery storm.

My most important advice to anyone out there dealing with the same anxieties that I had: once that baby is out of you (only a few minutes into the surgery), you truly don’t even notice what is going on. All you can think of is that baby and I’m SO grateful that I got to see everything–Dean being weighed, measured, tested, the cord being cut by his dad, and ultimately him making his way onto my bare chest in which he immediately calmed down and I was immediately blown away by my little man.

So am I going to say it wasn’t so bad? No, not at all. The whole surgery and recovery process was pretty much just as scary as I thought it would be and now I’ll never forget the day he was born for two reasons–one of course being the birth of my son(!), and two being the moment I overcame one of my largest fears and got the new, life-changing responsibility of becoming a MOM!

My sister had introduced me to this quote:

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

…and now I get it. Welcome to the world, little buddy!