The Pregnancy Chronicles - Exercising in the Second Trimester

The Pregnancy Chronicles – Exercising in the Second Trimester

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Ah, the second trimester. A time when first trimester fatigue starts to melt away, energy levels are back up, and most people feel pretty darn normal. Exercising in the second trimester can be quite awesome if you feel up to it!

My second trimester, in my humble opinion, was pretty freaking great. I was maintaining my full schedule of clients (and actually took on a couple newbies) and Pure Barre classes, and finding the time to fit in some good workouts each week. Yes, there were days where I was soo self-conscious of my ever changing body, but most of the time I felt fairly confident and happy with how things were going.

Read on for my second-trimester workout program!

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Like I’ve mentioned before, remember that each pregnancy is completely different, with possible limitations. ALWAYS consult your doctor, whether you are pregnant or not pregnant, before beginning an exercise program. What works for one may not work for another. Listen to your body and be safe!

  • Running/walking. During my indoor treadmill time, I regularly added in walk breaks. This helped me control my breathing and it just felt good to put a little less pressure on the growing belly. Towards the middle of the second trimester I was really starting to feel the growth and the stretching of ligaments, and let me tell ya, that wasn’t the most comfortable feeling to run through. I did have a client at the time who was freshly post-partum and starting to get back into running, so I would run slowly with her up until about 26 weeks. I remember that last run, knowing it was going to be the end of the road for me for now.
  • Pure Barre. While I was still teaching classes regularly, I also tried to take a couple classes each week. One thing I noticed is how much more challenging the class can be with about twenty extra pounds on your frame. Wow! I really wanted to focus on keeping my booty and thighs in relatively good shape throughout the pregnancy, but honestly, nature ultimately took over. It’s crazy how your body changes during pregnancy! Pure Barre was awesome for the second trimester–it took substantial effort without having to do too many modifications.
  • Strength training. I did do pretty well in this department! With our home gym in our garage, it was easy for me to head out and get in a good little workout in between clients. I focused on quick workouts (around 30-35 minutes) that didn’t exhaust me too much, as I really had to focus on maintaining energy for my busy schedule. One day I’d do more upper body, another day more lower body, etc.
  • YogaGlo. I added in some prenatal yoga this trimester! My sister had told me about YogaGlo, an online, on-demand yoga platform. I checked out their offerings and saw they had a ton of pre- and post-natal classes so I signed up ASAP. I saved yoga sessions for those days when I was feeling sluggish or achy. The classes really loosened up my back and the tight areas that a belly causes! I’ll do a more formal review on YogaGlo later, but I highly recommend it for anyone.

My advice for anyone exercising in the second trimester?

Take advantage of your energy! Even if you had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad first trimester, you can redeem yourself if the waves of nausea and fatigue finally subside. This new energy can allow you to do your favorite workouts!

Stay hydrated. This is obviously important throughout the whole pregnancy, but second trimester exercise can make you forget how “pregnant” you are. You might feel normal but be realistic–hydration is key to avoid any early contractions!

Don’t take it too far! Make sure your workouts leave you energized, not tired and aggressively sore. Again, the second trimester can make you feel like you can really push it, but don’t make that mistake. Be safe!

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