Love Your Lower Body Workout

Love Your Lower Body Workout

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this weekend, I’m focusing on all of you who are quick to judge… your thighs. Most ladies name the lower body as one of their “trouble zones”, right up there with the abs. Well STOP the judgment! With this quick series of three exercise moves, you can quickly break that negative energy and learn to LOVE your lower body.

As always, remember to consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program. Play around with the workout, you may need to keep it to 30-second intervals, you may want 90-second intervals, whatever is best for you!

Here we go! *Please enjoy the retro photos I’m pulling out of the archives to explain the exercise moves. An almost-9-months-pregnant gal doing squat jumps is a bit risky AND unflattering…

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Squat jumps, 60+ seconds: With feet about shoulder-width apart, hands behind head, bend at the knees and lower yourself into a squat. Maintain a flat back and never let your knees slide in front of your toes. Hold the squat at the bottom.

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Explosively jump up into the air, then land softly and immediately lower back down into the squat. Think about keeping the move graceful and smooth, never stopping to lock out your knees.

Step-ups, 60+ seconds per leg: Find a sturdy step, bench, wooden box, etc., that is tall enough to really challenge your lower body. With or without dumbbells in your hands, step your right foot up onto the center of the step. Driving through your heel, lift your body up to standing. Drive the left knee up towards your chest. Pause, then carefully place your left foot back on the ground, stepping yourself back down, and place the right foot back on the ground. That is one rep. Complete 60+ seconds, then repeat on opposite leg.

One-legged hamstring reach, 60+ seconds per leg: Begin standing on one foot. With a slight bend in the standing leg, hinge your body forward, reaching your opposite hand (or both hands, if you prefer) to the ground. Hinge back upright to standing, to complete one rep. You may add dumbbells or a kettlebell to make this move a bit more challenging. Complete 60+ seconds, then repeat on opposite leg.

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That is your quick, 3-move lower-body blast! Have a great Valentine’s Day and remember to love your body!