Lately: Our Life Mantra

Happy Friday! It’s so easy to get caught up in the process of preparing for a life change, whether it be a new baby, a wedding, a new job, heading off to college, moving to a new city, starting on a weight loss journey, etc. The planning can take on a life of its own, suddenly crowding your waking (and sleeping) thoughts. You’re distracted, thinking only of the next hurdle you have to jump to get to the finish line.

It’s this exact process that causes us to lose focus on what really matters!

With this upcoming year of a new baby and the ultimate change in lifestyle and schedule, my husband and I are obviously excited and anxious for the arrival of our little one in March. And yes, I’ll admit that there have been times where we haven’t really stepped back and realized the enormity of what is about to happen.

So, in a more personal post today, I’m sharing the life mantra that my husband and I are trying to follow for 2015:

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Be present.

This means to truly live in the moment and understand that these times are fleeting. These life changes seem huge at the time, but then just become a happy memory within an entire lifetime of big changes.

We are actively trying to remember each moment, good and bad. Each silly little baby kick, each wave of heartburn that I have after dinner, each ultrasound, everything. We want to remember it all and not be caught in a cloud of planning.

I encourage you all to try to be more present as well. 🙂

Are any of YOU working towards a huge life change? Are you freaking out about it?

Have a great weekend!