My #1 Tip for Getting in Shape

My #1 Tip for Getting in Shape

Hi everyone!!! I’m back from the holidays, 29 weeks pregnant and feeling good! (Clearly the pictures of myself in this post are pre-baby, I look like I have a basketball stuffed under my shirt right now!) Well, that’s aside from the indigestion, swollen ankles and feet, sore rib (the little one just wants to keep pushing up against it!), and overall tiredness. But it all doesn’t seem so bad when I feel some baby kicks and hiccups. ūüôā

So we are in the thick of New Year’s resolutions–tons of people are Googling how to exercise, how to lose weight, what is a juice cleanse, etc. So many people want to get in shape this time of year and I LOVE it! Instead of grumbling at crowded gyms and fitness classes, I’m happy to see everyone genuinely caring about their health. Even if it only lasts a couple weeks I still find it refreshing… and it motivates me even more!

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In the spirit of¬†the widespread workout motivation,¬†I have¬†decided to share my #1 tip for getting in shape. It’s really a simple concept, but one that can be incredibly hard to master–


This means consistency in your workouts, healthy eating habits, sleep schedule, meditating everything.

Committing to consistency is the key to success because once you establish that consistency, it eventually becomes a habit, second nature.

My personal example: I have to give props to my husband. Back when he finished up his MBA and was preparing to start his full-time job, he was so committed to fitness that he began waking up extra early, while it was still dark out, in order to be consistent and establish the habit of working out in the morning.

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Even though he wasn’t¬†at his job¬†yet, he still got out of bed and worked out at that early hour. Even if he had the entire day free to do it whenever he wanted. He knew that¬†exercising this way, establishing the habit, would make him consistent by the time he began the job.

Getting your workout done in the morning ensures that you don’t end up missing it throughout the day–and he is living proof! He rarely misses a day and when he decides to take it easy he will still take the dog for a long walk, do some yoga, etc.

My message to each and every one of you–fitness fiends, beginning exercisers, anyone–is to find a plan and stay consistent with it. You don’t have to overhaul your entire life¬†just for¬†a New Year’s resolution. You just have to find the healthy habit you want to create and stay consistent. That’s it.

Wishing you all some killer workouts this month! Stay motivated!