My Top Five Items for Every Runner! #holidayrunlist

Hey guys! Eek, it’s thick in the holiday season and as usual, I’m behind on my festive plans. Unfortunately I’m not in the least surprised at myself. Sigh.

Anyway, after countless years of running (truly countless, I have no idea when I officially started running) I think I have my routine down pretty well. Like in most areas of my life, I try to go for minimal unnecessary crap when I run.

What’s unnecessary crap, you ask? Oodles of technology, analyzing your every step. The latest and greatest heart rate monitor. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Soooo, I have drilled it down to my five favorites, the five things that I have grown to love and appreciate over the course of my running career thus far. HERE WE GO with my #holidayrunlist!the pace of it all blog, gym bag essentials, gym bags for women 1. Great running shoes. Back in New York I realized that if I was going to continue on with this running thing, I needed to make sure I had the right equipment. Running requires close to nothing (for those in that barefoot movement, it’s honestly no equipment required!), so I thought that I should value what shoes I put on my feet, what sneakers log in the miles. So what did I do? I went and got my gait analyzed (I ran on a treadmill) and the salesperson found the right shoe for me. And I’ve been a loyal Brooks buyer ever since! If you’re considering this as a gift for a loved one, grab a gift certificate from your closest store that offers shoe fitting. Your runner will be grateful!

2. Arm band that holds your phone/music device. On some occasions I like to go sans music and just run listening to the world, thinking only my own thoughts. Or watching freaks in Central Park on a Sunday afternoon, that was my favorite. But then there are those days where you want to JAM, really let loose on the pavement with your music. I typically have those days when I want to do some speed work. Anyway, find a good arm band that holds your device so you can keep your hands free. You don’t want your precious phone to slide right out of your hand!

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The dog just HAD to be in the picture…

3. PRO Compression socks. Alrightttt, I know I don’t have to keep preaching these socks. BUT, I recently got to try out PRO Compression’s calf sleeves and now I’m a superfan. They’re essentially sleeves for your legs to keep the blood flowing and speed up recovery. What’s nice about the sleeve is that you still can wear your own socks. Sock snobs, rejoice!

As a (growing) pregnant person, I’m wearing these babies all the freaking time. Anything that will keep swelling at bay is my best friend!

PRO Compression is offering a 40% discount on ALL PURCHASES for you peeps! Use the code PINK2 at checkout. While socks may seem like a nerdy holiday gift, your devoted runner will LOVE this.

4. Small water bottle. Living in Florida and now being pregnant, I’m very aware of staying hydrated and not overheating while running. Enter my favorite–a little handheld water bottle! It’s small enough for short runs but you’d need to refill for longer runs. I had a similar bottle to this one for awhile until my dog chewed it up. I keep thinking I want to buy it again. I also keep thinking of gifting these to my clients this year…

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5. Foam roller. I’ve preached about foam rollers before as well, and they’re vital to any runner. Tight muscles can translate into bad injuries, so a foam rolling plan keeps the body in tip top shape. I got mine cheap at TJMaxx, but you can check Marshalls, Target, Sports Authority, Amazon, etc.

And that’s it! That’s my simple list. What’s your favorite running gift you’ve ever received?

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary PRO Compression calf sleeves for this review. All opinions are my own, I’m loyally a superfan.