11.7.14 - Friday Five

11.7.14 – Friday Five

Happy Friday!!!! So happy to have made it to the end of the week. And booyah, I’m¬†bringing you a Friday Five! This week the list includes food, a workout, pregnancy, and children. A bit diverse, I might say!

Before I get into the links, I have to share one of the cutest photos of my pup, Gunnar. He was cold with our “cold front” that we had recently, so I gave him a blanket to try out and he LOVED it.

WP_20141103_003Onto the links!

This One is for the Leggings: Inner and Outer Thigh Workout via POPSugar – Ok, this is a video which initially annoyed me, but the exercise moves are worth watching it for. Love the fancy take on a hamstring bridge!

Healthy Fall Breakfast Round-Up via She’s Wicked Healthy – SO MANY GOOD IDEAS! A great resource for spicing up your breakfasts.

Working Out Through My Second Pregnancy via Mama Bear Blogs – I’ll be posting about this kind of stuff in the future, but I love the refreshing take Holly has on prenatal fitness. There’s always that “I could be doing this…” or “I should be doing that…” but at the end of the day, health is priority. A worthwhile read!

Obese Children Show Early Signs of Heart Disease via NYTimes Well – A quick little ditty talking about one of the topics that most interests me, childhood obesity.

What Registered Dieticians Feed Their Kids via The Lean Green Bean – This is a long post, but so worth reading! Now that I’m a bit more kid-focused, I have NO idea where to start when the picky-eating phase will begin. This is a collection of info from various RD’s.

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Have a fabulous weekend!