Surprise! My BIG [little] Announcement

Surprise! My BIG [little] Announcement

Happy Halloween! Hope you all are having a day filled with spooks… and some treats. 😉 Gotta indulge a little bit!

So today I’m finally revealing something that I’ve been hiding for the past… WP_20141030_009_15 months!

Yes, I am pregnant! That is mostly to blame for my solitude on the blog as of late–notice the lack of photos of myself? Lack of workouts with me modeling the moves? Yup, that’s because I’ve been hiding from you.

As of tomorrow, I’m officially 20 weeks, so I’m halfway along. We are NOT finding out the sex of the baby so it’ll be a huge surprise on the day of the delivery!

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but you best believe I’ll be back with some deets on exercising in each trimester, trying to stay healthy with pregnancy meals, etc. Pregnancy is a major part of my profession, so I’m so excited to be going through everything my clients go through.

As for those of you who are not pregnant, don’t intend on getting pregnant, and hate blogs who go nuts over being pregnant, don’t worry. I’m not going to make this a here’s-every-detail-of-my-super-fabulous-pregnancy blog. I’ll keep my private things private.

So that’s my BIG [little] news. Now go out there and trick or treat!

P.S. My #Supermama tank is from my boss’s fitness line, Fit Mama. Search #fitmama on Instagram for more pics of people wearing the clothes!