It’s Fall: Use Them Apples! A Foodie Recipe Collection

The following post is a sponsored opportunity from The collection is my own, I wish I had barrels of apples to work with!

Okay, so I’m nowhere near an apple orchard. Butttt, I do fantasize about those brisk fall days, throwing on your jeans and boots (maybe some flannel if you’re truly festive), hopping in the car, and picking apples for the afternoon. It’s a really fun day…

…but what do you do with all those apples once you get home?

Check out Apple Recipes for Fall

by Alison Hay at

So Foodie, my favorite spot for recipes now, inspired me to collect some apple-themed recipes for October. From ice cream to cole slaw to smoothies, I’ve kind of grabbed a wide array of apple options. Scroll through and pick one to make!

I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS PHOTO WON'T ROTATE! We'll all have to deal with it

I DON’T KNOW WHY THIS PHOTO WON’T ROTATE! We’ll all have to deal with it

In other news, I ordered my second pair of compression socks! ProCompression has monthly sales and of course the sale this month was PINK. I hopped on that and grabbed the hottest pink they sell. Can’t wait to wear them!

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