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Happy Friday, fit folks!!! After a long week of early mornings, running around to different clients, and generally feeling a little under the weather, the weekend couldn’t come soon enough. My plans? SLEEP. And maybe hitting up Marshall’s or TXMaxx for some cheap workout equipment–they usually have a pretty solid selection for little hand weights, ankle weights, mats, foam rollers, resistance bands, the list goes on.

Anyway, the weather has finally begun to cooperate somewhat and the other night I went for my first run OUTSIDE in what feels like forever. I ventured out on my free night that I don’t have clients, so I left the house around 6:30pm, right as an evening breeze was setting in and the sun wasn’t quite as strong as normal.

It felt amaaaazing to finally be out and moving, not stuck on a dreadmill treadmill.

But now that my workouts can move back outside, I need to bolster up my recovery routine because running outside, on pavement, in warmer temperatures makes for a bit tougher of a workout.

So what do I do to recover?

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I refuel. Yup, you guessed it–with chocolate milk. This is my new love, and I’m happy about it because I always need additional calcium. I know my mom wouldn’t complain about me drinking milk after my workout! Check out my previous post for info on why chocolate milk is so fabulous for recovery. I aim to get in my chocolate milk around 20 to 30 minutes after I finish up my run. This leaves time for a cool down and stretching before I’m hitting up the fridge for my fuel. WP_20141010_003I de-compress–with my compression socks. This is another new love of mine, I just bought my very own pair after reading dozens of marathoners preach their effectiveness. Compression socks help with the blood flow in your legs. Normally after a grueling workout there is blood flowing through your body, trying to reach all the areas that were strenuously worked. This can sometimes result in a sluggish blood flow out of the lower legs. Compression socks help to move that blood up to the rest of the body. These socks paired with elevating your feet (my personal choice is on the couch watching Scandal or E! News) will set you up for a nice recovery.

I rest. This, as mentioned in my comment below, is typically paired with compression socks and trashy TV. Sometimes, on a particularly intense day, I’ll allow myself to formally take a nap. Not a quick little snooze on the couch, but a nice, refreshing nap in bed. I save those for the days where I’m really spent. I do shower first.

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I eat healthy. The rest of the day, to applaud myself for my fitness efforts, I make sure to hydrate and eat the right foods for recovery. Veggies, proteins, some carbs, tons of water, etc. I don’t look at exercise as an excuse to eat crap foods, but more of a step towards keeping myself at the healthiest place I can be. So empty the tank with your exercise and then fill the tank with quality!

Quality foods translate to quality energy for your workout.


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This Saturday, 10/11, is the BIG DAY–Apolo Ohno and Jen Ator will head out on their personal challenge of completing the 2014 IRONMAN World Championship Race! Check out #BuildIt and #MissionApolo on Twitter for more details as the weekend progresses!

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Happy weekend!!!