Kids Need Exercise!

Happy Friday! For some reason this week has been DRAGGING on… perhaps because I’m actually looking forward to my plans this weekend! Expect a recap next week. 🙂

I get a lot of emails every week regarding fitness, exercise, obesity, personal training, etc. and I saw this quick headline that I knew I had to read more about:

An hour of after-school exercise linked to better cognitive functioning

Thanks Medical News Today!

kids running

Photo: icultist | Flickr


I kid. (pun intended)

Child exercise, also known as basic playing (am I right?!), is soooo important to a kid’s childhood, in my opinion. I think about how much fun all the days were when I was out and about around the neighborhood, but not necessarily home, just exploring and playing. The world wasn’t as scary back then.

I digress–I do like seeing that there’s actual research showing that one hour of playing after school each day can lead to better health and stronger cognitive functioning.

Exercise may even help children with ADHD improve their academic performance.

Now I’m going to go all “bigger picture” here…

Could this 60 minutes of exercise be helping these children cognitively because it actually allows them to take a BREAK from constantly thinking? Schools are always pushing for better ratings, smarter kids, etc., but maybe they’re burning them out.

It’s like studying in college–a study break was necessary, and I often used the gym as my clear-my-head time. I never regretted that for one second.

Any parents and non-parents out there, what do you think? Do you find that kids these days are lacking in genuine physical playtime?