Bad case of FOMO

Alright, I’m in a bit of a funk today… because the IDEA and SweatPink blogfest conference are going on right now.

What the heck am I talking about?! I’m an ambassador for SweatPink, a community of fitness-minded women who are supportive of each other, super friendly, and into all things health + fitness. SweatPink teamed up with IDEA, a fitness association, to make one large happy conference held in Anaheim, CA this very weekend.


source: SweatPink

And me? Welp, I’m still here in Miami. I saw the #blogfest tweets start coming in yesterday and suddenly I had a bad case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). What am I missing out on? Workouts, panels with blog superstars, and most importantly–meeting other bloggers, face to face, in real time. Not behind a computer screen.

You know why I’m kicking myself about it? One of my long-term goals awhile back was to get a media kit together, pitch to potential sponsors, and hopefully travel out to California and attend the conference. I never got around to doing it. I just finished my new media kit yesterday. #GoalFail.

So this was a lesson in disguise: you won’t accomplish anything if you don’t work for it. I knew that I wouldn’t make it to the conference without using a little elbow grease and I totally dropped the ball. So my tail is between my legs and I plan on working for it next year. For now I’ll just follow the lucky ones on Twitter and live vicariously through them! Oh, and maybe go to the beach for a couple hours. I’m itching for the feeling of salt water and sun baking on my skin. 🙂 fitness, beach, sunset, motivation, inspiration Have you ever had any goals that you knew could possibly happen and you just totally let slip through your hands? Share!

If you want to follow along with those at the actual conference, I know Run, Eat, Repeat and Peanut Butter Fingers have already posted a little about it, but there are tons of other bloggers there to follow. Just look up #blogfest on Twitter!