getting back into exercising after a hiatus

So I just took my second Pure Barre class since I’ve been back from vacation.


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I always hate the feeling of getting back into working out after a substantial hiatus–three weeks without Pure Barre is a long time for me!

I felt it everywhere–arms, legs, abs, the list goes on and on. It took a lot of mental strength to get myself through.

It’s times like this that make me think of those that never exercise and decide to try a workout one day. That burn in the muscles, the uncomfortable feeling of the body challenging and changing itself, is something that first-timers most likely detest. Why subject yourself to something that makes you hurt and sore?

And it’s at this point that a lot of first-timers throw in the towel and decide that exercise just isn’t for them. And that’s when I get really sad because I think of all the good that exercise will do for their body.

So, in my random thoughts today, I wish there was a way to make sure ALL first-time exercisers find the high, that exercise-induced feeling of accomplishment in their very first workout. Think of how much healthier our world would be if everyone loved to exercise!

In an ideal world, everyone would pick one form of exercise they enjoy, like swimming, dancing, etc, for their first workout. But I guess we all have to experiment, sometimes trying out the not-so-fun options. I just wish everyone would stick with it, knowing that results are just around the corner!

Now I’m gonna go nurse my shaky, soon-to-be-sore muscles…

What’s your favorite workout to do after a long break from exercising?