It’s Friday! Not only is it the start of the weekend, it’s the start of my birthday weekend. 🙂 Nothing too special planned but I’m looking forward to a morning of sleeping in! Early mornings and minor jet lag have rocked us this week.

A couple weeks ago I threw together an intense interval workout because I wanted cardio without the running or elliptical. I wanted something that would challenge me and keep me entertained!

HIIT, high-intensity interval training, is a pretty hot topic these days. It’s basically performing shorter, more intense intervals of exercise, sneaking in a small rest period for recovery. This kind of exercising is extremely effective in losing weight as it sparks up your metabolism and leaves it flaming for a while after your workout. More flames = more calorie burn!

I enjoy HIIT workouts because I’m left winded, sweaty, and I almost always feel some sore muscles the next day. That’s a sign it’s working!

Below is the simple HIIT workout I did. I did three rounds of 60 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Some moves, like the mountain climbers, required a little more of a recovery. My suggestion is listen to your body–let yourself recover enough to be able to move on to the next exercise and keep good form, but don’t give yourself a three minute break to fix your hair, grab water, etc. You gotta be out of breath!

As for rounds, choose as many rounds as you’d like. With 60 seconds of each move and brief resting period, three rounds gets you a little under 20 minutes. I had done a 10-minute jog on the treadmill beforehand when I realized I hated it and would rather do HIIT. And then, this workout was born.

simple hiit workout, the fit chronicles, high intensitty interval training, hiit workout, bodyweight hiit workout, hiit workouts, what is hiit, the fit chronicles blog, alison hay, miami blogs, best fitness blogs, bodyweight workoutSo since I was in a gym, I used battle ropes in place of bear crawls. I LOVE battle ropes but I understand that not many of you have access to them! If you do, rock them out with alternate slams with your arms. Make sure to stand with your knees slightly bent, back flat, chest open.

Haven’t heard of a bear crawl? It’s basically a Spiderman move—get on the ground on your hands and feet. Keeping your body as close and parallel to the ground as you can, walk forward. Once you make it to the end of your workout space, switch it up and crawl backward. You’ll feel the burn in your arms, core, etc.

Not sure about burpees and mountain climbers? Check out this description here. You could even take some of the extra moves from that workout to make one longer HIIT workout!

What are your fitness plans for this weekend? I’m planning on making it to Pure Barre, I missed it while I was on vacation! I also have a really cool shopping day at Six:02 planned for today, expect a tell-all next week!