not all juices are created equal

So as I mentioned before, I am coming off a week-long trip to California. One of the highlights? All the FOOD we ate! There was wood-fire grilled pizza, fried chicken and biscuits, blueberry French toast, and one of my favorites: a truffle ravioli with an egg yolk in the center, oozing out to flavor the truffle sauce. YUM.

So needless to say, I ate my face off. I wasn’t necessarily intending on a decadent free-for-all vacation, but it just worked out that way.

First meal, right off the bat:

WP_20140705_14_04_03_ProFish tacos for my husband, gooey quesadilla for myself on Santa Monica beach. Starting out with a bang.

By the time we got through L.A. and started driving up the coast, I was feeling a little guilty. Soo, I decided to throw in some juice to give me a burst of vitamins. We stopped in Monterey for the night and I grabbed my first juice there…

Exhibit A:

WP_20140708_09_31_35_ProBounty of the County, a juice made with all local produce! I was excited.

It tasted like butt.

I totally thought apples, ginger, and beets would be a cool combo, but it just tasted like a mashup of morning breath. My husband agreed. I choked that thing down, happy I didn’t splurge for the large size!

But then, my misstep was redeemed in San Francisco.

Exhibit B:

WP_20140711_12_00_54_ProMuchhhhh better.

What’s interesting is that I think this juice sounds scarier than the first…celery and parsley?! But it was perfecto.

Now I must interject and note that to counteract our fuel-fest we kept super active throughout the entire trip. Miles and miles of walking/exploring, a long biking day through Napa, a run by the water in Monterey, and a fun one, shown below: hiking Runyon Canyon in L.A.

WP_20140707_09_12_04_ProGreat views!

We then celebrated our active efforts with some wine tasting in the vineyards. #workhardplayhard

WP_20140710_10_41_33_ProI have more photos that I’ll probably sprinkle in later, I haven’t even shown you the beginning of Napa beauty 🙂

What are your favorite ingredients to toss into a juice? What are absolutely HORRIBLE ingredients to add?