recipe: tomato basil skillet chicken

recipe: tomato basil skillet chicken

Is anybody out there? HELLO! I’m back from a week-long California vacation with my husband. We had a ton of fun starting in L.A., drove up the coast to Napa, then finished out in San Francisco for a hot minute. 🙂

We are pooped and happy to be home…our highlight yesterday was picking up Gunnar from the dog ranch! He has been SO tired since we picked him up, he must have ran the entire time he was there.

Anyway, I have an easy recipe for you today! I had some cherry tomatoes that were on the brink of going bad, so I used them along with some boneless chicken breast and basil from my pathetic garden and it was simple, yet delicious.

tomato basil chicken 1Make sure to brown the chicken breast first. Before the chicken is too cooked, remove from the pan and place aside.

WP_20140618_20_30_42_ProLower the heat on the burner and toss the tomatoes into the pan that held the chicken; cover. The tomatoes will slowly burst, creating a bit of a sauce.

tomato basil chicken 2Throw in the chopped basil and cooked chicken and let the flavors blend together.

tomato basil chicken 4 And that’s it! I’ll probably be making it this week as we’re in our post-vacation blues… 😉

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?