I have a goal and I don’t care who knows it!

Hi all! Almost at the holiday weekend, woohoo! For my absolute favorite holiday I’m looking forward to a July 4th shrimp boil with corn hole, flag cake, fireworks, and…beer pong. #everythinginmoderation

Aside from the goofiness that I’m planning for Friday, today’s conversation is on a more serious note. Now that we have turned the corner into the second half of the year (what?!), I’m assessing my work and how I’d like for it to progress.

I’ve decided that I want to put more time and effort into building out my freelance writing career. I currently have one ongoing prenatal fitness project that I genuinely enjoy, but I want to supplement my income with more writing projects.

So what’s holding me back, why haven’t I built out my freelancing already?

alison hay media kit, the fit chronicles media kit, fitness blog, the fit chronicles blog, health and fitness blogMy computer situation. As you know, I spilled water all over my laptop keyboard. After weeks of the computer dude trying to replace the keyboard, we got the news that it’s just not. gonna. happen. My blogging device is over. *cue the tears*

In the meantime I’m still blogging at late night hours on my husband’s computer, when it’s free. I fill in the gaps on a tablet, but that is SO not sustainable. This may be a lame excuse, but it’s tough to write in infrequent blocks of time!

My other excuse? Not putting enough time into broadcasting/marketing my freelancing. Not finding and applying to more opportunities. Not really throwing myself out there.

So here we go…I’m releasing my intention out into the universe–since you never know who might read this!

Anyone out there currently a freelance writer? Any tips? And most importantly, anyone need a writer?!