I’m a Foodie Contributor for July! …and I went biking for the first time.

The following post is a sponsored opportunity from Foodie.com. The collection is my own, I can’t wait to try the recipes!

Check out Fresh Recipes with Summer Fruits and Vegetables

by Alison Hay at Foodie.com

Hey all! Hope your weekend was full of summer bliss…I had a memorable one that I’ll dive into later, but first I have some fun to share.

I was recently introduced to Foodie, a Pinterest-y website for recipes. You can search by ingredients, users’ collections, restaurants, etc. The restaurants sections is really interesting–I think it’s a way to collect the different restaurants you’ve visited, with the ability to add your own notes, comments, memories, etc. I know a TON of NYC people that loved to “collect” their dining diary.

I was asked to be a Foodie Contributor for July, my birthday month, and I hopped on board!

I put together a collection of “Fresh Recipes with Summer Fruits and Vegetables” because that’s just what I love to cook–fresh food. I attempted to grow some basil and tomatoes in a home garden, and they are kind of flopping right now. I gotta get better at the whole gardening thing. Yikes. I have to stick with grocery store produce for now…until I grow a green thumb.

Anyway, I’m loving this season’s raspberries, watermelon, cucumbers, corn, and more, and I put together this collection to showcase those beauties! I can’t wait to make the One-Pot Farmer’s Market Pasta–YUM. And simple.

Alright, onto an anecdote from my weekend:


I got my hand-me-down retro road bike from the 1980’s tuned up and ready for the road. We all went out for a ride on Saturday, and I was excited/hoping that I’d survive. Especially because it was 91 degrees and the sun was beating down on us!

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here’s the crew!

I am proud to report that we accomplished about 20 miles of road! I’m pretty proud of that stat for my very first time riding (for exercise and distance–I love me a good beachside bike cruise). We rocked some steep bridges and rode around Key Biscayne.

I felt genuinely tired after the ride but I’m proud to say that my efforts at Pure Barre have been working…my legs weren’t sore at all the next day!

Am I hooked on biking? Kind of…but I want to ride the quieter Miami roads, wherever they may be. 🙂

Have you guys ever tried Foodie.com for recipes? Try it out, it totally inspired me to start cooking more!