6.27.14 - friday five

6.27.14 – friday five

Hey everyone! Did you all catch the USA vs. Germany game?! I missed the last third of the game because I had to run out to a meeting. Sounds like I didn’t miss too much, but hearing that we won AND lost was a little confusing. Either way, I’m having fun watching the sport that my husband truly LOVES. 🙂

So another week, another Friday Five! I haven’t done one in awhile, so this is a compilation of links I’ve collected over the past few weeks. A little heavy in the nutrition department, but that’s obviously an area I want to learn more about!

Read on!

friday five, best fitness blogs, the fit chronicles, alison hay, the fit chronicles blog, miami fitness blogs, miami blogsA Run Coach is Not a Personal Trainer via Matters of Course – This was SO interesting to me. I have never worked with a run coach but I’ve always been curious about them vs. personal trainers. Have any of you worked with a run coach?

18 Ways to Eat Avocados via FitFluential – Because, why not?!

Sports Nutrition Discussion with Nancy Clark via Peanut Butter Fingers – This Nancy woman knows her stuff. This was an informative post that I read word for word, I recommend it for all!

Growing Up on Raw Foods via New York Times Well – A brief discussion on the growing popularity of raising children on raw/vegan/special diets. This is obviously still incredibly rare, but it’s something I don’t really know much about. …and is it healthy for the kids?

And finally, a link that’s a little outside the box for The Fit Chronicles:

Dream Jobs are Overrated via Common Sense Millenial – We’re constantly fed the elusive ideal of finding a job that utilizes your true passions. Hell, I even preach it myself! Here’s an honest article that helps to open our eyes up to an alternative definition of “success”…and it’s not always passionate or lucrative. It’s realistic.

That’s all, folks! Have a picture-perfect summer weekend while I sweat my face off down here in Miami. It’s like a swampy wall of fire smacks you every time you step outside.