Yup, personal trainers lose count…as a motivational tactic?

Hi everyone! I’m stuck at home today after an early morning of clients. We’re getting a little work done at home, so I’ll be here supervising and trying to entertain the dog, who always seems to get a bit odd when a stranger is in the house.

Anyway, I saw this snippet in Women’s Health magazine yesterday:

The trainer who says you have 10 reps left and then counts to 12 is decreasing the intimidation factor, according to Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Um, I’m sorry, but that’s not true. I don’t care what “studies” may back this but I have NEVER used that tactic.

Your trainer counted 10 but you really did 12? Breaking news: he or she probably lost count. Yes, maybe you pushed out more reps than you normally would, showing your personal progress, but that might not have been your trainer’s sole reason for miscounting.

Believe it or not, trainers often have to count reps and make conversation at the same time! It sounds silly, but it’s easy to lose track. Especially if it’s good conversation.

Maybe I’m alone on this, but I doubt I am. However, I do train with pregnant women so we work with higher reps for endurance, leaving more room for counting error. Pregnant women also like to talk more, sharing the fun ins and outs of growing a tiny human. That makes for some wonky counts sometimes.

So yes, this was a random rant. But I’m curious…

Other trainers out there, do you miscount in order to sneakily challenge your clients? Do you not count at all? Are you a meticulous counter?