I had a totally awesome running dream

Okay, you’re going to think I’m absolutely out of my mind, but I had a super cool dream last week. I have really vivid dreams, so much so that sometimes I’ll tell a story and my sisters will ask “Are you sure you didn’t dream that?”

I’ve had some weird ones, but the other night was a dream that was genuinely FUN.

It was so random, but I started off on a run…underground. I’m pretty sure it was a dirt path that used to be a NYC subway line, but it was packed with other runners. The path was lit up and music was pumping. It was this one big running party and everyone was enjoying themselves.

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photo: NY Times

I was feeling really quick and agile on my run (as opposed to my usual dreams where running is impossible and feels like I’m clawing my way through mud), and I decided to pick up the speed. It felt SO freeing, I loved it!

I rounded a downhill bend and suddenly was tossed back outside to an empty NYC street. I think it may have been an unofficial finish line for a race. Whatever it was, I crossed the finish line and my dream ended.

How cool is that?! I woke up totally in the mood to go for a run. I have NO idea what this running dream is supposed to signify, anyone wanna take a stab at it?!

Have you ever had a running dream that inspired you? Or frustrated you?