back to the grind

Hey guys! Back from yet another nice weekend. Nothing too exciting, but just the thing I need before wedding frenzy (for my sister-in-law!) sets in in like ten days. I’m planning ahead and getting my clothes/shoes/jewelry together now so packing isn’t so treacherous when the time comes. One of the few times in life that I’m really planning ahead!

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I also spent a lot of time at #WSSC15th, the conference I mentioned last week. I’ll be giving you all the dirty details later this week, but I have to tell you now that I was blown away by the quality of each session I attended. A lot of times you go to a speaking engagement and walk away feeling like you only got surface-level stuff, but these sessions were rich with info.

I thought I’d know everything in the prenatal Pilates session (cocky, I know), but I walked away with TONS of new facts and inspiration for my clients. I loved being in a learning environment like that, it makes me want to do it more often!

In other news, as I’m reading Lean In, I’m enjoying it more and more. She’s really hitting the nail on the head with common mistakes women make, to their own detriment, in the business world. I’m guilty of literally every one. Yikes!

So that weekend, paired with clients, sushi takeout, homemade rack of lamb, and a Sunday afternoon Pure Barre class made for a happy girl. It set the tone for a good week ahead!

Hope you all had a fun, summery weekend! Any fun travels?