I want to be a leader!

Hey! Thanks for your comments yesterday regarding the running study I found. I’m always interested in hearing from other runners, specifically because I’m not nearly as experienced as you all! I learn so much from each of you every day.

So I’m in a book club…but I never seem to be able to make the meetings! For the month of June we’re reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I’m committing to this month’s meeting, I need a girl’s night!

Now I know this has been a bit of a controversial read in the media, which makes me more excited to read it. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this book that addresses women in business and how they’re very often holding themselves back. I know there are things that I do that hold me back, but I’m hoping this will shed some light on my weaknesses and help me become a stronger, more confident person in my work and my leisure.

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photo: NPR

I assume this book extends beyond the world of business. I personally have been craving a little more responsibility and leadership in my career and life, and I hope this book pushes me to rethink how I do things. I’m hoping it inspires me to branch out and take more leadership roles, being in my career or my work in the Junior League of Miami.

I’m not sure exactly what kind of leadership I’m looking to do, but maybe it’ll just come to me one day. Have any of you felt this way and made a conscious decision to take on a new responsibility?

What’s the best leadership role you’ve ever taken on??