friday randomness

Happy Friday! Last night was a late one–got home on the late side after clients, threw down some dinner, then started on a guest post for another blog that I follow. Once the post is published, I promise I’ll share it with you all!

Since my time got sidetracked on another project and my morning started super early today, I have kind of a lame post for you. I like to consider it “Friday Randomness”.

So what’s my random topic for today?

A new coconut water that I tried.


WP_20140511_12_11_33_ProYes, this is relatively high in sugar. Yes, it’s pretty sweet/tart. But I think it would be phenomenal with a splash of club soda to dilute it a bit. If you’re feeling jazzy on a Friday night, perhaps a dash of vodka?

Have any of you tried this flavor yet? I have to admit, it’s pretty much tied with the chocolate Zico coconut water. Two drinks with two delectable flavors.

Other than that, not much new to report! Looking forward to the weekend. No fancy plans but sleep and sun sound good to me!

Have a Happy Memorial Day!