new obsession: Well+Good’s Refrigerator Look Book

Okay I just found something that can waste away an hour or two…you know, for those days you’re stuck at your desk and sooo wanting to procrastinate. I’ve got it!

Well+Good is a website I’ve come to love, and with this one they didn’t disappoint. They have a series called the Refrigerator Look Book, and it’s way cooler than it sounds.

They take industry leaders in health and fitness and ask them what’s in their fridge at home! Think Barry’s Bootcamp, celebrity trainers, barre studio owners, nutritionists. Why didn’t I think of this awesome series before?!

well+good, refrigerator look book

photo: Well+Good

After some time combing through some posts, it seems like a lot of people favor milk (almond or regular), Greek yogurt, fresh produce, and almost everyone cracks a joke about their love for dark chocolate.

Quick takeaways: Wanna build muscle? Chicken and egg whites. Wanna look younger? Ban alcohol. Wanna eat sensibly? Pack your own healthy snacks for the day.

Maybe one day I’ll post a Refrigerator Look Book of my own–right now our fridge is super random since I was away for the weekend! Anyone wanna jump on in and show us YOUR fridge?! I’ll feature it on The Fit Chronicles!

I’ll let you in on a little secret, one of my favorite things to have in my fridge is fresh berries. Raspberries or blackberries rule in my world. If we’re going for decadent, my favorite things are ice cream and leftover sauce and meatballs.

meatballs, alison hay, alison hay fitness, alison hay personal trainer, the fit chronicles, the fit chronicles blogIf only I were so lucky to always have leftover sauce and meatballs in my fridge!

So…what’s in your fridge?