guest post: sprint + shred workout!

While I’m currently off to a bridal shower and bachelorette weekend (party!), I have a fabulous guest post for you all today! Patty from Reach Your Peak is jumping in, I’ve been following (and admiring) her for awhile. She always posts fun, time-efficient workouts–and she’s sharing one with all of us. Um, she also runs with her parents, how cute is that?!

Aside from her awesome blog, she and her mom sell handmade bags and running skirts through their Etsy store, Lucky Stars Designs. I have a makeup bag from them and I use it every day, no joke.

So…take it away Patty!

Do you go to the gym sometimes and have no clue what workout you want to do? Some days I just don’t feel like lifting, or doing straight cardio, so I like to combine both. That’s where this cardio and strength workout comes into play – it’s my go-to!

Your heart rate will definitely be up the whole time. It takes about 30-40 minutes depending on how many rounds you do. You can either do it on the treadmill or at a track if you have your own kettlebells.

Want to make it even more challenging? If you do this on the treadmill, each time you do this workout, try to increase your speed. Time how long it takes to complete the workout, and see if you can improve upon it each time.
If 800 meters is too challenging, you can take walk breaks or you can shorten the distance to 400 meters, which reads as .25 on the treadmill.
If you try it, tweet me and let me know what you think! Please visit my blog, Reach Your Peak, for more workouts and workout tips!
Patty is the author of Reach Your Peak. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and avid runner. She has ran the New York City Marathon twice with her mom, and they will be running the Philly Marathon in November. Check out her blog for more healthy living tips, race recaps and more!