my mother’s day message

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I’d like to address and appreciate all the moms out there.

All the moms who give up so much each and every day to raise their children.

All the moms who rarely get a thank you for whatever they’ve solved, saved, helped with, cooked, cleaned…

All the moms who don’t ever get a break, who truly have a 24/7 job.

All the moms with gruesome birth stories of each child, always ending with a grin that simply says “It was worth it.”

All the moms who wrap Christmas presents until the wee hours and sprinkle tooth fairy dust around the bedrooms to keep the magic and innocence of childhood alive.

All the moms who are balancing so many aspects of their lives, home, work, personal, and doing it with grace.

And all the moms out for a run with their strollers, you ladies look pretty badass.

This is one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen and I’m so excited to have a reason to share it with you all. I literally cry each and every time it comes on TV. Well played, Publix, well played.

And finally, my attempt at a Mother’s Day photo (yes, my dog smiles with his teeth showing):

alison hay, the fit chronicles, the fit chronicles blog, miami blogs, best fitness blogs, miami fitness blog, prenatal fitness, mother's dayHappy Mother’s Day to all those special women out there, you ROCK!