piggyback running and strength training?

Hi everyone! Hope you had a healthy weekend! It’s getting steamy down in Miami, pretty much hit 90 degrees…and we decided to do some yard work. I was a stinky beast, but the yard’s looking better!

To all the runners out there–I came across an interesting idea in a running magazine that I was reading while on the elliptical. I’m pretty sure it’s Runner’s World, but don’t quote me on that. I can’t remember!

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source: Runner’s World, I think

Cool idea, right? Buttttt, combining training runs with strength training in the same day is probably not ideal for most people who have full time jobs. However, if you’re serious enough with a training schedule (for a marathon, triathlon, whatever), you’re probably motivated enough to fit in two workouts.

The big payoff is having the entire day after to fully recover. Not giving yourself enough recovery time can lead to injury, fatigue, and even overall burnout. Having those rest days gets you all fired up to get back into your routine–it also gives you some free time to break out of the training rut and live your life! Backyard barbecue with friends? Actually finishing that book you started last year?

So if you’re serious about your training schedule, consider having some busier training days sprinkled in with some genuine rest days. Your legs will probably feel much more fresh when it’s time for competition!

Have any of you runners ever done this? If so, do you feel like it really helped you out?