No one works out on Mad Men

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. We spent Saturday on a friend’s boat and it was soooo much fun. Gunnar met the love of his life, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and had this look on his face as we pulled away from them:

gunnar boatIt was a true Romeo and Juliet moment.

We had a great Easter brunch with family and now we’re back to the grind! Monday again.

Watching Mad Men last night I was thinking about how exercise and healthy eating weren’t really a thing back then. Yes, women wanted to be thin and Betty Draper went to Weight Watchers, but no one was really strapping on some sneakers and going for a run. Or lifting weights. Roger Sterling may have had a heart attack, but did it change his habits at all? Not really.

I will say that I’m glad we live in an era of making healthy choices, but it also would be kind of amazing to live in a world where everything’s a little more relaxed. There’d be less technology, less low-fat/low-carb/gluten-free eating, less fitspiration, less…noise.

A simpler life with simpler nutrition and a more active daily lifestyle (aside from the standard cubicle-bound life today) would be pretty awesome. I’d obviously do without the cigarettes and booze that they all slug down during the workday, but the overall idea of less health chaos would be refreshing…

Do you agree?