7 reasons why YOU should have yoga in your life

I finally got back into yoga on Monday! After months of strength training, running, and Pure Barre, I had completely neglected yoga, one of my former favorites.

I noticed my body was getting so rusty, my muscles were really tight. My back was all stiff when I’d get out of bed, and all I wanted to do was crack my back! So I prioritized my body’s health and went to my first yoga class in probably six months.

I needed that class. It was a slower-paced vinyasa, mostly a ton of stretching. With each pose I felt myself getting a little bit closer to my old self, the one who could easily bend and twist.

This class also happened to be a humbling experience. I couldn’t hang like I used to, and I had to opt for the beginner versions of poses, no advanced moves. I had an elderly woman next to me moving like a contortionist and I was huffing and puffing through a pigeon pose.

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So in my post-practice glow I got to thinking about how great yoga is for everyone. I put together a list of why yoga is good for your life:

  1. Yoga is the ultimate relaxation. Calming music, low voices, deep breathing, it’s a dream.
  2. Yoga keeps you flexible and limber. Having a flexible, strong body keeps you ready for anything and best of all, injury-free. That leaves more time for athletic endeavors!
  3. Yoga tests your mental and physical endurance. I was scrambling through some awkward poses, but once I focused on my breath and mind, the discomfort floated away. Mind over body, it’s a powerful thing.
  4. Yoga improves your balance. Balance is especially important as you age, as falling can become an issue. But balance at any age is important, so the poses in yoga keep you in check.
  5. Yoga allows you to escape. It allows you to heal. The goal is to get out of your head and think only in the present…a great way to let go of anything bugging you.
  6. Yoga is one element in a well-balanced fitness plan. Yoga provides the flexibility and calm strength that complements the high-impact of running or the muscle-tightening of strength training. Yoga builds better athletes.
  7. Yoga is fun. That’s it–just fun! Playing around for over an hour with handstands and rolling around on your back can make for a pleasant class.

What are your thoughts on yoga? Do you use it as a supplement to your workout regimen or is it the main act in your fitness plan? Or, do you not even bother with yoga?