4.11.14 – friday five

Hi guys! Hope you all have a fun Friday planned.

I had an especially happy week because one of my clients gave birth to her second son! Each time a client has her baby I am grinning from ear to ear. It’s so exciting to watch a client grow (a human!) and go through such an exciting process.

So while I’m over here celebrating another new baby, here are my Friday Five!

friday five, best fitness blogs, the fit chronicles, alison hay, the fit chronicles blog, miami fitness blogs, miami blogs8 Habits of Highly Fit People You Can Incorporate Into Your Life – This article is spot on. As someone who makes a career out of fitness, I can personally attest to every one of the items on the list. The ones that hit close to home? The prioritizing of sleep and always having snacks on hand. My sleep schedule is extremely predictable and I love it that way…hell, I need it that way. As for snacks, Kind bars and string cheese are my heroes.

Legs on Fire: Lower Body Workout by Strong Brees – This workout might require a quick Google to figure out the different exercises listed, but it’s a solid, comprehensive lower body workout. Nice one, Annie!

The Skin Care Benefits of Rosehip Oil – Okay I admit, I’m a sucker for the newest beauty product. Lately I’ve been obsessing over the thought of going completely natural on my skin–i.e. coconut oil for skin and hair, argan oil for skin and hair, and now rosehip oil… Basically anything that’s an oil has peaked my interest. Bonus on rosehip oil: it absorbs quickly, unlike other oils! I appreciate that–my dabble in coconut oil was quite slimy.

Smash Your Sugar Cravings via SweatGuru – Can’t we all admit to craving sugar now and then? These are some good tips to avoid the sugar binge.

I Heart Buffalo by Hello Stripes – I’m making every single buffalo recipe in this post. That is all.

Um, and MAD MEN STARTS ON SUNDAY! Have a super weekend!