move of the week: the sit-to-stand

Last night, while flipping through my camera roll on my phone, I realized I had some outtakes from my Home for the Holidays workout. What better than to share one of the moves with you?!

Enter the sit-to-stand.

This is a one-legged strength exercise that challenges your balance, your core, and your legs. This exercise is great for runners. And bonus–no equipment required!

alison hay, alison hay personal trainer, the fit chronicles, the fit chronicles blog, miami blogs, best fitness blogs, exercise moves, one leg exercise move, exercise for runners, leg exercise, balance exercise, bodyweight exerciseStep 1: Stand with your back to a seat–this can be a bench, chair, anything!

Step 2 + 3: Keeping your right leg elevated, use your left leg to lower down and sit.

Step 4: Press through that left leg to come up to standing.

Complete about 10-20 reps and repeat on the other leg.

There are tons of ways to add a challenge to this move–you could hold a kettlebell for weight, add a hop at the top of the move with your standing foot, whatever your heart desires! Get creative…

In other news, I’m finally working out today! Going to hop in to a Pure Barre class. 🙂