um, I haven’t been working out.

Hey all! Another week ahead of us… Do you ever get those periods where you’re going through your day-to-day stuff, making appointments and such, and realize you’ve basically scheduled out exercise?

My weekend was the perfect example. Friday was booked with clients and teaching Pure Barre, and I had fun plans immediately following my classes so there was no time to work out. Oh well.

Saturday was a self-imposed “happy marriage day” where my husband and I spent as much time together as we could, relaxing, reading, watching Gravity (mixed feelings on that flick), drinking a couple mimosas…it was really fun and really needed. We haven’t had time to kick back and relax like that in awhile. Exercise was absolutely not on the agenda.

definitely did not use these…

Sunday rolled around and we had some stuff to do in the morning, a guest in town visiting, and I had to teach a class and train a pregnant client (who’s due date has come and gone…she’s a warrior with her workouts!). I didn’t get home until 7:30pm so I was gingerly toying with the idea of working out. I was obviously tired and kind of knew it would be a crappy workout, so I bailed. Whoops.

What did I do instead? Drink some wine and work on the blog. Notice my new profile picture on the side bar! #makingmoves

Not gonna lie, today’s going to be tough to fit in a workout as well. I have another couple of friends in town as well (they all seem to flock down at the end of winter…!), so in my down time between sessions I’ll be hopping over to their hotel to hang out for a bit. I’m prioritizing friends over fitness, and I’m totally okay with that. That’s life.

Instagram: @thefitchronicles

this is how the treadmill is currently being used–for naptime…
Instagram: @thefitchronicles

I know I’ll be able to schedule some exercise time on Tuesday, but I do admit that I feel a little bleh after so many days (four to be exact) without exercise. Yes, I have a very active career where I’m moving around all day, but those don’t count as exercise points in my book!

Thank goodness for the Huffington Post–they posted a brief article about why taking time off from exercise is a good thing and I totally agree with their argument. You can’t make progress without letting your body rebuild itself–so let’s just say this past weekend was my “rebuild” time…