washing face: pre- or post-workout?

Hi guys! Happy Friday! After I got home from work last night, my husband and I put together our new teak backyard set so I’m pooped this morning. But the yard looks awesome…we can’t wait to have a backyard dinner ASAP.

So I thought about this the other day and I want all your insight as I truly don’t know the answer…

It’s obviously important to make sure you think about your skin when you work out. For years I have battled the hormonal chin and jaw breakouts that plague a lot of women, and I’ve recently kept the breakouts relatively at bay.

I feel like I’m walking on eggshells with my skin–one day I realize it’s been great lately, and BOOM, zits appear. I’m trying to keep my daily regimen basic and predictable so my skin doesn’t freak out. It’s kind of been working, but it’s literally day by day.

My big complaint about skin advice is that everyone says you should work out with a clean face AND clean your face after your workout. That sounds annoying and honestly, it doesn’t really fit with my lifestyle. I’m constantly in a workout environment, and sometimes I have to fit in some exercise on the fly, not necessarily get sweaty-beast style, but getting “lightly dewy” shall we say. I’m not exactly jazzed about toting along some face wash and moisturizer, or as I like to rock, CVS baby wipes.

washing face before a workout, washing face after a workout, facial wipes workout, skin workout, ailson hay, alison hay miami, the fit chronicles, the fit chronicles blog, miami blogs, best fitness blogsMy question of the day is: If I only have one facial wipe left, which is more important–cleaning my face before a workout or after?

Any derms out there that have some answers? What do you guys do? I lately have been going for cleaning after and reapplying some concealer and such. I don’t wear foundation or anything during the day so this is quick. But then I read that working out with some makeup on actually clogs your pores…and sweat lingering clogs your pores…so what’s the solution?!

Happy weekend!!!