how to avoid criticism

aristotle quote, inspirational quotes, alison hay, the fit chronicles, the fit chronicles blog, miami blogs, best fitness blogsHappy Friday everyone! I came across this quote recently and it hit close to home.

I admit, a lot of the time I’m nervous of criticism. Maybe it’s a blog post, something I say, something I do, how I teach a class…it all depends on the situation but when I’m about to do something and I feel a little tickle in my gut, I know it’s because I’m worried of being criticized. Judged.

And it’s a feeling that’s really hard to shake!

But if you’re not vulnerable to criticism, Aristotle is right–you’re probably not doing anything particularly engaging. Time and time again I find myself walking on eggshells, trying to figure out the most neutral way to discuss something.

Taking a step back and looking at how I act or react, I realize that avoiding criticism can easily put you in the boring category. If you don’t take a stand, where is your individuality?

When I’m worried about criticism, I’ve become way more mindful of asking myself things like “Will this matter in a year?”, “What’s really the worst that could happen?”, or “So what if someone judges me?” but it’s easier said than done. I’m trying.

So, on this fabulous (and long-awaited!) Friday I challenge you to not worry what other people think of you. Let your freak flag fly!