healthy bloggers–are they telling the truth?

As I’m sure you may know, there are tons of healthy living blogs out there. Some bloggers post all of their meals (kind of weird, if you ask me), some post their weekly workouts (not a bad idea, but my weekly list would be kind of boring and repetitive), and some document every tiny detail of their lives. Whatever kind of blog you want, you can find it out on those interwebs.

Erica opened my eyes to an interesting article by Marie Claire, penned a few years ago, but still totally relevant. It discusses the concept that these bloggers, while posting healthy meals/recipes and posting favorite workouts, might be setting unhealthy ideals for us readers.

I was skeptical about the author’s conclusion, but it started setting in as I kept reading. A lot of these bloggers post extremely healthy meals, documenting the virtues of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Dairy and gluten are often shunned. Green juices are sprinkled liberally throughout posts, and I notice that tons of these bloggers make their own juices at home and even replace entire meals with the veggie concoction.

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All of this low-calorie, low-protein, low-fat eating is okay every once in awhile, but does it pair well with marathon training or an aggressive CrossFit WOD? Not really. These diets, if truly eaten like the blogger posted, could be too low in nutrients to satiate and support a training lifestyle of running, lifting, jumping, spinning…

The article is basically arguing that bloggers showing an enthusiasm and affinity for intense workouts and extremely healthy diets can catapult anyone with a past eating or exercise disorder into a tailspin. They essentially could be triggering disordered habits for those recovering…but I find this conclusion to be a bit dramatic. I understand the gravity of recovering from an eating or exercise disorder, but to go claim that a healthy living blog is hampering a reader’s recovery is wildly accusatory.

Now one thing I did not even think of, I’m particularly naive I guess, is that these healthy bloggers may be putting up a front. They might pile a plate high with fruit, yogurt, veggies, almonds, etc., and then toss the majority of the meal, afraid to gain a few pounds and put their entire blog to shame. When you become a big shot blogger, with tens of thousands of viewers per month and an actual substantial income, the pressure is on. All eyes are on you, and the anonymous nature of the internet opens these bloggers up to cruel comments and vicious readers. I would probably crumble under such scrutiny, so I can’t even imagine the pressure on these people to look good and live what they preach.

Alright, so now on to me. When I started this blog I was solely looking to establish a base for my career, a fun peek into the world of health and fitness that sparks debate and shows my personal credentials. I did and still do struggle with the balance of personal vs. professional, often keeping details of my life off the internet. The problem with keeping personal details quiet? You can’t exactly connect with readers, thus resulting in a sterile website. A website that doesn’t have an environment of community, of discussion, of sharing.

I try to find a balance between documenting my own life and providing you with cool information in the industry, and I hope I’m doing a relatively decent job. Blogging is a tough, time-consuming activity, and I’m working hard every week to churn out some solid posts. It may not document my daily meals, but that would bore me…and most likely bore you!

One thing that I will faithfully preach on this blog is that nothing is a front–my recipes are food I’ve eaten and my workouts are always something I’ve tried. I am very far from being a perfect picture of health and fitness and hopefully I’m showing you that life isn’t all about being healthy–it’s about LIVING LIFE!

Do you guys see any unhealthy habits amongst bloggers?ย