I love working out in a new city

So this upcoming weekend I’ll be doing a little traveling and I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be a quick hit, but it’s always fun to get away, even for a couple of days!

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photo: Flickr

While thinking about the weekend, I knew that I wanted to sneak in some exercise since my weekends lately have been low on the exercise front and usually consist of clients and errands and stuff. When I travel I always like to explore and go for a run around whatever city I’m in, but this time I also want to get in to a studio, experience the local fitness scene.

pure barre miami, pure barre, pure barre instructor, how to become a pure barre instructor, pure barre instructor training, alison hay, alison hay personal trainer, the fit chronicles, the fit chronicles blogSoo, I quickly Googled and found a Pure Barre studio that’s literally blocks away from my hotel–perfect!

I’m excited to check out another studio and take a class with my sister-in-law. Since we don’t live near each other she’ll probably never get to take my own Pure Barre class, so taking one together is the next best thing. If I’m traveling I like to get someone to go workout with me–when I’m up visiting my family, my brother-in-law and I have made a little fitness tradition out of it. Spinning on Thanksgiving day, CrossFit on another visit, trail running over Christmas!

I know most people look at traveling as an excuse to drop their workouts, but I find it fun to go out and see other fitness places. Being in a new environment makes me more motivated and the workouts usually don’t feel as strenuous as slogging through it at home. Plus, it’s a quick way to meet some local people and see how their day-to-day workouts are! They may even suggest awesome coffee nearby, a good place for lunch, etc.

What do you do for exercise when you travel? Are you one to throw workouts out the window, or do you like to explore the city’s fitness spots? Any tips for working out in a new city?