the biggest loser finale: a follow-up!

Happy Friday everyone! The other day I happened to have the Today Show on while I was getting ready and I was so happy to catch their interview with Rachel, the controversial winner of The Biggest Loser. Check out the interview here:

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You guys might remember my shocked reaction to Rachel’s weight loss at The Biggest Loser finale. I thought she had pushed her weight loss to the brink to win the grand prize and hoped she’d fall back to a more sustainable, reasonable weight for her frame.

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photo: Us Weekly

This interview is exactly what I wanted to see. Rachel looks like a truly healthy woman–her skin is radiant and she was surprisingly confident and calm for such a high-pressure interview. She didn’t seem rattled by all the hype around her.

From the outside looking in, I genuinely think Rachel is now healthy and exactly where she should be. She handled the interview with grace! It didn’t seem like she had some underlying eating disorder she was trying to hide.

Of course the whole interview did seem a little contrived, like NBC was pushing her to say “I did it the right way! Just diet and exercise!” but in reality, the word diet can encompass a lot of unhealthy measures. It was well-worded, as all PR stunts are, but her statement doesn’t really show any proof that her actions were 100% healthy. The mystery of The Biggest Loser continues, and the overall safety of their weight-loss process is still up for debate. Either way, NBC probably breathed a big sigh of relief after the segment.

Now if only the media would emphasize this Rachel and not the skinny one that caused all the uproar! But you know the media, that’ll never happen…

What do you guys think of the interview? Are you convinced that she doesn’t have an eating disorder? I am.