the no-equipment-needed ab workout

You know what’s coming…pretty soon those bikini-body articles are going to spring up. “Better body by summer!” “Lose the weight, fit into that bikini!” You know the drill.

Well everyone, male or female, wants flat abs when they toss on their swimsuit. Since a bikini-body is built in the snowy season, I threw together a no-equipment-needed ab workout that you can do NOW. Then you’ll be stress-free when the warmer temps start showing up!

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Aside from the plank, perform each exercise for 30+ seconds. Build up to 60 seconds or more for each move!

Plank: With body in a straight line, hold yourself up on elbows and toes. Zip in abs and hold this plank position for 60 seconds or longer. This one’s important, so challenge yourself!

Hundred: Laying on your back with legs bent and feet planted on the ground, curl up to bring your shoulders off the ground. Your gaze should be towards your navel. Stay curled up and pump your arms 100 times. The trick is to keep pulling those abs in towards your spine.

Leg Scissors + Swimmers: Laying on your back, place hands underneath your glutes for stability. Keeping legs straight, lift your legs a few inches off the ground and scissor legs one over the other, side to side. To transition into swimmers, keep those legs straight and wiggle the legs up and down.

Slow Reverse Crunch: With arms resting on the ground, extend your legs up to the ceiling, keeping them as straight as possible. Using control, slowly lift your rear up off the ground, bringing your feet towards the ceiling. Carefully lower the rear down to the ground. The slower the better!

Oblique In-and-Outs: Sit up on your rear, pulling knees in towards your chest. Hands are placed on the ground underneath your shoulders for stability. Lean over to one side to rest on one glute. Extend your legs out, leaning your torso back at the same time. Pull your body back in, using your obliques for the movement. Complete all reps on one side, then lean over to the other glute.

Bring on the Speedo! …Or G-string?