listening to my body

This is a first for me…

I have a little injury.

I am always one to play it safe when it comes to sports or exercise. I’ve never wanted to train aggressively for a race (don’t want an overuse injury), try wild things on the slopes (timid snowboarder for life), or trust in my spotter and attempt a back-handspring in high school gymnastics (way too much room for error). I’ve always been a baby when it comes to pain or injury, so I was shocked when I felt something “off” the other day.

It’s my hip!

Last week I picked up some extra Pure Barre classes and it made my schedule a lot busier. That added activity compounded with the split stretches I do in each class made my body kind of loopy I guess. I woke up last weekend with a big OUCH! coming from my right hip/glute.

I guess it’s my body telling me I overdid it. This is new to me, so this week I’m trying to take it easy on the exercising front. I’ve been doing some cardio and foam rolling, hoping this combo will work out the tightness.

Has this happened to any of you before? Any suggestions for how to work out a tweaked hip? Things are slowly easing up but I wonder if there’s a miracle stretch or something that might help.

Maybe a day-trip to the beach will help me…

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