I’m back!

Hey everyone! So I think I’m finally back…

The water that I casually spilled on our laptop might have done more damage than I thought–it now won’t charge, so the computer has shut down. Hoping for a miracle, that laptop better fire up one more time! We gotta save our files!

Anyway, I’m now blogging from our other desktop computer, a bit of a dinosaur. I think I’ll need to upgrade to Windows 8 so I’m treading lightly right now. Other than that things seem to be going well so far, but if you see any more hiccups in my posts, you know what’s going on!

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day???

valentines instagram

I had a super busy day on Friday that started early and ended late so I obviously had to wear my heart pants all day. I got a lot of thumbs up from people! That night the husband and I stayed home and cooked, our tradition. This year was lasagna!

Also, did anyone see the USA-Russia hockey game on Saturday! Unbelievable…and amazing!

Back to regular programming tomorrow!