great news!

Hey guys! Good weekend? Mine was pretty nice, we got a little artsy on Friday night and went with a group to Wynwood Art Walk, a night in Miami where the local galleries open their doors to the public. There’s art, live music, food trucks, it’s a laid back vibe. I’m not nearly cool enough for the crowd that’s there so I had to work extra hard pulling a hipster outfit together…

One of the gems I captured:

graffiti photoThe Wynwood area has this amazing graffiti art everywhere. The artists that paint there are truly talented and the graffiti on the buildings changes up quite often.

It was really fun to break out of the normal Friday night and check out another aspect of Miami’s culture. There’s always something new!

check out my lion's mane...thanks for the humidity, Miami

check out my lion’s mane…thanks for the humidity, Miami

So, onto my news…

I finally got the confirmation that I passed my Pure Barre exam!

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*Sigh of relief*

I’m a teacher!

I actually have already taught some classes and I’m getting into the groove. I was petrified for that first official class, totally panicking. I won’t lie and say it was a perfect class. I screwed some stuff up. But the only way to get better is to teach, so I’m improving with each class. It’s a lot of work!

Are you guys watching the Olympics? I’ve been into the figure skating. I’m generally in awe of all the athletes, their talent is unbelievable, am I right?!