2.7.14 - friday five

2.7.14 – friday five

Aaaahhh, it’s finally Friday! This week has been pretty nutty with teaching and clients, but also with unexpected house projects/issues. When it rains it pours and it’s proverbially¬†pouring on our house! Nothing dangerous though, so that’s at least good…

Onto Friday Five! This week is pretty exercise-heavy, so those who love a good sweat session will like clicking around. Enjoy!

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Is Teaching Fitness A Legitimate Career? via RateYourBurn – Thank God someone is acknowledging that teaching fitness is a tough job!

Easy Tofu Vegetable Stir-Fry via Nutrition Nut on the Run – Most of you know that a tofu stir-fry is one of my favorite weeknight meals, especially because of how easy it is. Tons of veggies about to go bad in your fridge? Toss ’em in! Hillary nailed it with the instructions. No need to get fancy, it still turns out delicious!

Lower Body Pre-Exhaustion Supersets via Fitness and Feta – This is a great way to shake up your normal strength training routine. I admit that it isn’t normally a method I’d think to do, so I loved learning more about it. Thanks Athena!

Why Runners Need to Strength Train via Huffington Post – Speaking of strength training, runners need to do it. Here’s why.

The Turkish Get Up via Man Bicep – I love this move but rarely use it on my clients, since most are pregnant and have very little core control to actually get UP. I try to incorporate it into my strength training workouts simply because it’s awesome for your whole body. Cori breaks it down so you can do it safely!

See y’all on Monday!